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Will the TPP Undermine Climate Policy?

The short answer: probably not much, maybe not at all

Representatives of U.S. environmental negotiations have shown up in Paris to campaign against the new TPP trade agreement. (here) They’ve also been actively engaged in discussions with Democratic law-makers, in an effort to block approval.  A key objection is that the TPP will undermine climate policy.  Jim Salzman had a great post last week  on …


Mexico as a Lead Pollution Haven

The New York Times has published a piece about the unintended consequences of U.S environmental regulation.  The Times focuses on how U.S lead battery disposal regulation has contributed to our exporting dead batteries to Mexico.   If Mexico has more lax disposal regulation and if more people live close to areas where dead batteries are …


The Unintended Consequences of an Oil Boom

The idea of booming oil production sounds great, at least if  you put aside environmental issues.  For instance, in the current presidential race, one of the candidates has touted the advantages of becoming another Saudi Arabia.  But economists seem to delight in telling us why something that sounds terrific will actually come back to bite …