Kelo v. City of New London

Literature Imitates Law — At Least in Bombay

Aravind Adiga is one of the most brilliant forces in world literature today.  His previous novel, The White Tiger, won the Man Booker Prize a few years back.  Now he is out with a new novel, Last Man in Tower, a work which its publisher promises is “Searing. Explosive. Lyrical. Compassionate.”  And what produces this …


Jane Jacobs, Edmund Burke, and the New Urbanism

Jason Epstein’s Introduction to the 50th Anniversary edition of Jane Jacobs’ The Death and Life of Great American Cities makes this powerful intellectual connection: Death and Life … [is] about the dynamics of civilization, how vital economies and their societies are formed, elaborated, and sustained, and the forces that thwart and ruin them…Her sympathies are with the …


Time to Put Nino Out to Pasture

Intellectual history often presents its students with shocks, most prominently: how is it that people seemed to reject an idea that in retrospect was brilliant or useful?  Conversely, how is it that people believed that intellectual mediocrities were learned savants?   Justice Scalia’s latest statement on Supreme Court doctrine suggests that he will be a …