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Fifteen Years of Legal Planet

5700 blog posts later, we’re still speaking — if not “truth to power”— then our best approximation of truth, to anyone who’ll listen.

A decade and a half ago, the law school here announced the launch of a new environmental law blog by Berkeley and UCLA. The March 11, 2009 press release began: “The University of California, Berkeley, School of Law (Berkeley Law) and UCLA School of Law today announced the launch of a new blog, Legal Planet, …


Some Resources for Non-Experts (and for Experts Too!) on the Executive Order Rolling Back Federal Climate Change Regulations

Cutting Through the Information Overload

The President’s Executive Order rolling back climate change-related initiatives, “Promoting Energy Independence and Economic Growth,” just came out today, and there’s already plenty of analysis to help people to understand its likely impact.  While the short answer is that it is terrible for our country, the long answers tend to make people’s eyes glaze over if …


Berkeley and UCLA Law Students Take Top Spots at State Environmental Law Negotiations Competition

Students bargain for environmental protection, economic benefits at annual event

Last Friday, the California Bar Association held its 15th Annual Student Environmental Negotiations Competition, at UCLA School of Law.  Negotiations competitions stand beside mock trial and moot court programs as means for students to gain experience with the kind of work they’ll be doing after law school.  The CalBar competition is open to all California …


Legal Planet’s International Audience

WordPress recently added a feature that provides websites with country statistics about readers on a weekly or monthly basis.  Not surprisingly, most of  our readers are American, and it’s almost equally unsurprising that Canada and the U.K. are next on the list.  But somewhat more surprisingly, the fourth country is India, followed by Australia, Germany, …


Legal Planet Reaches 750,000 Hits

Just before Christmas, Legal Planet reached 750,000 hits.  In addition, 800 people get daily updates on Legal Planet by email or Twitter, without necessarily visiting the website. We really appreciate your interest, and we’ll do our best to keep you supplied with information and opinions on all things environmental in 2012. Best wishes from all …



1001 of what?  Arabian nights? No, 1001 posts on Legal Planet — including this one.   As of today, that’s the total number, along with over 300,000 views.  We’ve only been on-line for a little over a year. As Al Jolson used to say in the days of vaudeville ,” you ain’t seen nothing yet.”


200,000 Hits on Legal Planet

When we started, we were hoping for 50,000 hits in our first year of operation, and we weren’t at all confident that we could come close to that.  Instead, we have now topped 200,000. That’s exactly fifty thousand times as many viewings as the average law review article.  Actually, I just made that up, but …