Magnuson-Stevens Act

Feds Argue California’s Shark Fin Ban Is Preempted in Third-Party Litigation

In 2011, the State of California enacted a ban on the sale, possession and trade of shark fins.  California’s ban follows similar laws passed by Hawaii, Washington and Oregon over the past few years.  The legislation, codified as California Fish & Game Code sections 2021 and 2021.5, followed years of advocacy by marine conservation groups, …


Preserving U.S. Fisheries: A Bipartisan Pipe Dream?

President Obama’s call in his 2012 State of the Union address for a new spirit of bipartisanship brought to mind a recent Washington Post article on current federal efforts to preserve U.S. fisheries. In what qualifies as a rare “good news” story involving federal environmental policy, that article reports that the Obama Administration is poised to …