Matt Kahn

Defending the “green guinea pig”

Just a quick post to point out my UCLA colleague Matt Kahn’s piece, in the Christian Science Monitor, defending California’s AB 32 climate regulations from a recent Wall Street Journal editorial (sub. req’d.) that maligns the state’s approach.   Apparently the WSJ relies on a long-debunked estimate of the costs to households from California’s program, an estimate that (among …


A Completely Uninteresting Story

The Wall Street Journal editorial board claims that California’s new cap-and-trade regulations will cost each consumer $3,800 a year and calls it creeping Stalinism.  As my UCLA (and UCLAW!) colleague Matt Kahn gently and genially points out, the Journal’s editors are engaging in cranial-rectal fusion. In other news, dog bites man, the sun rises in …


Hot Off the Presses

So to speak.  Our friend and colleague Matt Kahn’s new book, Climatolopolis: How Our Cities Will Thrive in the Hotter Future, has just been published.  Matt is a real rarity among economists in two ways: 1)  He writes in English; and 2) He does not think that economics can explain everything and anything, and has …