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So to speak.  Our friend and colleague Matt Kahn’s new book, Climatolopolis: How Our Cities Will Thrive in the Hotter Future, has just been published.  Matt is a real rarity among economists in two ways:

1)  He writes in English; and

2) He does not think that economics can explain everything and anything, and has nothing to learn from other disciplines.

So when Matt says something, I always listen and I always learn something.  I don’t always agree, but as one of the blurbs on the book says, “Figuring out why I disagree with Matt Kahn’s arguments leaves me seeing the world in a different way.”

Matt is a real rarity in the climate debate because he respects evidence and remains open-minded about all ideas, especially those that undercut his own.  You should also check out his wonderful book Green Cities, which gives a readable, incisive, and comprehensive discussion of whether increading wealth will improve or degrade the urban environment.

End of plug.  My check is in the mail.  But Kahn’s work is really worth a read.

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