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Is California Fracking Regulation Out of Focus?

I’ve long been skeptical of the push that some on the left have made to ban hydraulic fracturing of natural gas.  From an environmental perspective, I’d much rather have a natural gas-based fuel mix than one based on coal, and in any event, if there is that much money in the ground, people are going …


Fracking, Methane, and Moving Toward Better Data Through Collaboration

Is using natural gas produced through fracking better for the environment than using coal?  The answer is an unqualified maybe .  That’s because we don’t have good enough data to  know definitively.  But a  new collaboration between academics, the fracking industry and environmentalists aims to fill the data gap. First, some background. The boom in …


What a Gas! A Rare Win-Win

Oil and gas wells vent or flare off natural gas.  New technology shows that this is actually a lot more gas than anyone knew — about four percent of production, according to GAO. Capturing that natural gas for sale would give the government millions of dollars in royalties. Vented gas is methane, a more potent …