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How Bad is the Spill?

These comparisons may be a little misleading — a bit like saying that we shouldn’t worry about 9/11 because a a hundred times more people died in the Battle of the Somme in World War I.


Future Energy Scenarios

In a recent post, I discussed projections of future oil prices.  There are big uncertainties, which obviously pose challenges for major oil companies among others.  The approach that Shell takes to such uncertainties is instructive.  Shell has a long history of using scenarios as a planning tool.  An important recent example is its analysis of …


Saving the Polar Bear: The Saga Continues

Follow-up:  Greenwire now (Oct. 22) has more details: The Obama administration today proposed protecting more than 200,000 square miles in Alaska as critical habitat for the polar bear — an area the administration said would be the largest the government has ever put forward in a bid to protect an imperiled species. The Interior Department’s …