ozone standards

The Bush Ozone Standards and the D.C. Circuit

In an unsigned opinion released today, the D.C. Circuit largely upheld the Bush Administration’s revision of the air quality standard for ozone.  The opinion can safely be described as dull reading, but it provides some guidance to EPA about the current round of standards revision that is now underway. The law requires EPA to set …


Ozone: Three More Comments

1)  Ann argues persuasively that Obama’s decision was terrible politics.  But it is also terrible economics.  As the Shrill One pointed out the other day, we are currently in a liquidity trap, i.e.  there is not enough demand in the economy to pull us out of the recession, and a lot of money is simply …


Isn’t Obama’s Capitulation on Ozone Bad Politics?

Numerous commentators have blasted Obama  for abandoning  his pledge to tighten the National Ambient Air Quality Standard for ozone despite the recommendation of a scientific advisory board  that a new standard would deliver large public health benefits.  The commentary has been loud and vociferous. For two compelling examples see Georgetown Law Professor Lisa Heinzerling’s post …