Peet’s Coffee

Peet’s Coffee Thinks You’re Stupid

…or at least not very important. Following up on my posts concerning Peet’s membership on the California Chamber of Commerce’s board of directors (here and here; Eric follows up with a left hook here), another one of our intrepid readers e-mailed Peet’s to get an explanation.  Here’s what the reader got back: Peet’s is one of …


Peet’s Coffee’s Weak Attempts to Rebut Greenwashing Charges

An energetic reader noticed my post last week on Peet’s Coffee’s seeming alliance with the California Chamber of Commerce, the most reactionary anti-environmental force in state politics.  He forwarded it to Peet’s PR department and demanded an explanation.  Here’s what he got back: We’re disturbed by the blog posting you sent to us which “effectively” …


Is Your Coffee Destroying California’s Environment?

  If you’re looking for the leading anti-environmental organization in California politics, it’s not hard to find: it’s the California Chamber of Commerce.  Like its counterpart at the national level (subject of this outstanding Washington Monthly profile), the state chamber is a reliable water carrier for the interests of the ideological right wing.  It provides …