Public Policy Institute of California

Some Good News on California’s Water Planning

Last week at this time, I objected to an Associated Press piece showing how California has left unspent nearly $500 million worth of funds for water projects.  At the end of article, there was a little note saying, “oh yes; experts think that California will need nearly $39 billion to update its water infrastructure.”  Talk …


Californians and the Environment: PPIC’s New Survey Results

The Public Policy Institute of California this week released the results of its 12th annual “Californians and the Environment” survey.  PPIC, a non-partisan think tank, always seems to be generating thought-provoking and cutting-edge scholarship focusing on the nation-state of California. Its latest environmental survey, based on recent polling of 2500 Californians, continues that tradition. The …


A New Thought on Smart Growth

The Public Policy Institute of California just released its new report on SB 375, California’s smart growth law.  I’m still working my way through it, and at the beginning, it seems pretty boilerplate.  For example, it notes that three things California can do to reduce emissions are “Higher-density development, particularly in areas well-served by transit; …


Californians still support action to reduce greenhouse gas emissions, according to new report

California, for better or worse, is still a bellwether state on many public policy issues.  Public opinion here matters, not just as a predictor of our state’s future political direction, but also nationally.  And California’s residents’ opinions about environmental issues are particularly important, given our state’s leadership on environmental issues.  Right now, there is a …