California Becomes First State to Ban Disposable Plastic Bags

Other Single-Use Shopping Bags Also Restricted Under New Law

California has become the first state in the nation to ban major retail stores from providing single-use carryout plastic bags to their customers.  The new legislation similarly prohibits stores from selling or distributing recycled paper bags unless the store makes such bags available for purchase for no less than 10 cents per bag. The new law, …


Postcard from Barcelona

Looking at the Catalonian path to sustainability

Flying into Barcelona, it becomes immediately obvious that this is a city with its eye on a sustainable future. Right along the waterfront is a large photovoltaic array, perched on four giant supports. It is emblematic of a broader set of initiatives that, for a short time, placed Spain at the forefront of renewable energy …


NEWSFLASH: Officials Vow to Stamp Out Recycling Fraud!!

Recycling and voting are both public goods. Just imagine if there was a campaign against fraudulent recycling like the campaign against voter fraud . . . .


Save Us From Ourselves

I often have conversations about climate change with those who believe that the crux of the problem lies with the individual.  To put it somewhat differently, these individualists believe that we can’t solve the climate problem without individual change and that the possibilities for such change are all around us.  People should use less electricity, take …