regulatory uncertainty

Does the Tea Party Cause Unemployment?

I’ve done several postings about the theory that regulatory uncertainty causes unemployment.  I’m skeptical of the claim as a general matter, but if there’s any validity to it, one of the major causes of regulatory uncertainty is the Tea Party, along with other libertarians and opponents of regulation. It’s not hard to see how the …


Regulatory Uncertainty & Jobs: The Evidence

It remains a common refrain that regulatory uncertainty is causing joblessness.  The evidence indicates that this is simply wrong.  Consider three major facts. First, as Think Progress has pointed out, unemployment is currently lowest in health care, extractive industries, and the financial sector — exactly the areas where there is the most on-going regulatory effort. …


Ten Fatal Flaws in the “Regulatory Uncertainty” Argument

Given its obvious flaws, the whole “regulatory uncertainty” argument has the feel of something invented by some clever political operative rather than a sincere policy view.