Richard Mourdock

Conservative versus Ultra-Conservative in the Hoosier State

The Indiana race features Joe Donnelly, a conservative Democrat, against Richard Mourdock, a Tea Party Republican.  Both are more conservative than their counterparts in other competitive Senate races. I discussed Mourdock briefly in a post about Tea Party candidates.  He stands out for his endorsement of the view that climate change is a hoax. This …


The Irony of Todd Akin

Todd Akin’s views about rape and pregnancy are crazy, and he deserves his current political plight.  The irony is that Akin is by no means the most extreme of the current crop of Senate candidates. In fact, in a recent blog post, I decided not to lump him with the other tea party candidates because …


The Puzzling Silence Surrounding Richard Mourdock’s Consulting Business

Mourdock is a former oil company geologist and coal company executive. But his most recent job before running for public office is a bit mysterious.


Cruz, Fischer and Mourdock: Three Tea Party Senate Candidates Versus the Environment.

Tea Party candidates defeated less extreme conservatives in three GOP Senate nominating contests. Their environmental views are ultra-Right Wing. These candidates should be right on your wavelength — if you think that there’s a plan for U.N. world domination, that EPA should be gutted or abolished, and that climate change is a deliberate hoax by …