Richard Nixon

We Forgot The Horse!

It’s been a while since we discussed Great Environmental Songs.  But we missed an important one. In 1972, when I was seven, if your radio was not playing Don McLean’s “American Pie,” it was playing “Horse With No Name” by a new band called “America” — a somewhat ironic name since the band was in …


Whatever Happened to Environmental Politics?

Mayor Bloomberg’s endorsement of President Obama on climate-change grounds is depressing because it is so surprising.  It tells us something quite bleak that 1) someone had to make clear the relevance of climate to Hurricane Sandy; and 2) someone doing so came as a shock to people.  Indeed, through the campaign, climate has been essentially …


On This Date in History

Exactly forty-two years ago, President Richard M. Nixon signed the National Environmental Quality Act into law on January 1, 1970.  Among other remarks, he had this to say: [A] major goal, when you talk about New Year’s resolutions, I wouldn’t say for the next year but for the next 10 years–and I don’t mean that …