Romney energy plan

Romney Endorses Keynesian Stimulus Spending — But Calls It an Energy Plan

I posted last week about the Romney energy plan and the super-optimistic projections of energy production it borrows from a Citigroup report.  (here and here). The Romney plan touts enormous economic benefits in terms of job creation, also derived from the same Citigroup report.  Of course, Romney doesn’t mention the report’s warning that its analysis …


Loosening Our Belts to Consume More Oil

There is a favorite saying among transportation planners that building more freeway lanes to fight congestion is like loosening your belt to fight obesity. This idea comes to mind when considering the most recent Mitt Romney plan to achieve energy independence in the United States. Romney proposes drilling our way out of foreign oil dependence despite …


Is Romney Building Sand Castles Based on Fantasy Oil and Gas Production?

Romney plan relies heavily on a report from Citigroup. Even the Wall Street Journal was unsure about that report and said, “Whether the report proves prescient or just another starry-eyed fantasy remains to be seen.”