Roy Cohn

Roy Cohn and the Trans-Pacific Partnership

“Who Are Those Guys?”

I don’t care what the law says. I want to know who the judge is. — Roy M. Cohn I basically agree with Jim’s and Dan’s assessments of the substantive provisions of the TPP when it comes to environmental issues. (I have real problems with the Intellectual Property provisions, but that is another matter). For …


Ninth Circuit Rules Against Indian Tribe’s Climate Change Suit

Not much of a surprise here; a Ninth Circuit panel “has ruled against the northwest Alaska village of Kivalina, which sued energy companies over claims that greenhouse emissions contributed to global warming that is threatening the community’s existence.”  The village brought a common-law public nuisance claim against the oil companies, but the panel held that …


DC Circuit 1, Roy Cohn 0

“I don’t want to know what the law is.  I want to know who the judge is.”  — Roy Cohn There’s one more important point about today’s per curiam DC Circuit ruling that should be emphasized: the composition of the panel.  Two members were Clinton appointees: Judith Rogers and David Tatel.  But the third was the …