Sagebrush Rebellion

The GOP Platform & the Environment

With some effort, I was able to find full text of the platform. Not surprisingly, the basic thrust is to relax limits on industry.   The energy provisions correspond to Romney’s recent proclamations — more drilling in more places, less regulation of coal, etc.  On the environment, the basic message is that current regulations are …


Self-Reliant Moocher Hypocrites

  The Shrill One has an interesting post on “self-reliant moochers,” i.e. those states (and voters) who loudly proclaim their flinty self-reliance and then rely on government transfers.  Turns out that conservative states rely much more heavily on government transfers than Blue staters supposedly addicted to the “cradle-to-grave assurance government will always be the solution.”  …


Deja vu all over again

Remember the Sagebrush Rebellion and the County Supremacy Movement? They were attempts in the 1970s-80s and 1990s, respectively, by state and local governments in the west to assert control over federal lands. They didn’t make any legal progress because of the pesky Supremacy and Property Clauses of the US Constitution, which declare that the federal …