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Chanukah as an Environmentalists’ Debate

The other day I suggested that Chanukah might be considered a paradigmatic environmental holiday because God’s central miracle essentially entailed energy conservation: The Temple Menorah as Prius. A teacher of mine (an Orthodox rabbi who moonlights as a professional photographer), said that he could accept that, but that he sees Chanukah as a demonstration of …


Is Rain a Miracle?

Starting this Sunday evening, with the festival of Shemini Atzeret, observant Jews add a brief passage in the middle of the Amidah, the central prayer of the Jewish liturgy.  Addressing God, the line reads: You cause the winds to blow and the rain to fall. It’s hardly surprising in one sense: with the beginning of …


Don’t Know Much Biology

Actually, I’m fond of the song, but the headline isn’t really accurate as a description of the public’s views of evolution. The (relatively) good news, according to Gallup, is that “only” 40% of the public think that humans were created in their present form in the last ten thousand years.  Obviously, they “don’t know much …