Scientific American

A New Climate Threat: “Academic Freedom” Laws

The other day I suggested that climate advocates ought to start working in school board elections as a way of building long term political support for vigorous climate action. Well, it looks like they will need to start playing defense as well.  October’s Scientific American reports that climate deniers are now pushing the Orwellian “academic …


False Equivalence Watch: Michael Shermer

Faced with the inconvenient truth that Republican Party has declared war on science, some conservatives have decided to retreat to false equivalence: yes, the GOP is the home of modern Luddism, but the Democrats are just as bad.  This is a move perfected by many mainstream columnists, who condemn both parties for failing to adopt …


The Dying Dead

Can something that’s Dead still be dying?  It can if it’s the Dead Sea and if it’s rapidly disappearing.  And it is. Check out this piece from this month’s Scientific American, which details the disappearance of the Dead Sea — which is really a highly saline lake — due to four states (Israel, Jordan, Syria, …