New million-dollar donation from out-of-state oil company helps the attack on California’s climate change law

According to a story in today’s Los Angeles Times, a new $1 million cash infusion from Kansas-based oil company Koch Industries –the second-largest private company in the U.S. — is buoying the campaign in favor of Proposition 23, which would block implementation of California’s landmark law to limit greenhouse gas emissions.  The company is owned by …


Judge orders changes in ballot language for Proposition 23, which would suspend California’s greenhouse gas emissions law

Today, a judge ruled that the state must change the “title and summary” ballot language for Proposition 23, the oil-company-funded proposition that would suspend California’s landmark greenhouse gas emissions law AB 32.  (My colleague Ann Carlson wrote about this initiative campaign earlier this summer.)  Proposition 23 would render the law unenforceable until California’s unemployment rate …


Dirty Money Supporting Anti-AB 32 Initiative Causes Ted Costa to Withdraw Support

I predicted earlier that an initiative campaign to delay the implementation of AB 32 until the state’s unemployment rate falls dramatically would not qualify for the ballot.  I made this prediction based on the lack of evidence of significant financial backing and the fact that the initiative appeared to be primarily the work of Ted Costa’s People’s …