A Thanksgiving Day Reflection

Thoughts about the impacts of extreme events and climate change on food security, and hopes for the Paris negotiations

Thanksgiving is a time of gratitude for the food and community we share. But as many of us feast with loved ones today, our gratitude might also prompt reflection about the sources of our food and, more generally, the fragility of the environment. This seems especially appropriate, as Native American tribes are among those most …


Giving Thanks to Whom? And How?

Thanksgiving is often thought of as America’s unique secular holiday.  That’s somewhat ironic, because the very name of the day suggests an external power, force, or being to whom we give thanks.  But Thanksgiving also carries with it important environmental implications, because we are also celebrating the bounty of the earth. In a recent essay, …


Pilgrims versus Vikings: A Thanksgiving Fable

Once upon a time, there were two places that people settled from a great distance.  But they had very different histories. You could call them the “Tale of Thanksgiving” and the “Tale of the Un-Thanksgiving.”   The first story is about religious dissenters who fled their homeland. We all know the story: they nearly starved until …