US greenhouse gas emissions

The ostrich administration

Ostriches actually don’t hide their heads in the sand, but the Trump administration sure wants to

It’s a myth (of course) that ostriches hide their heads in the sand when they’re afraid. Hiding one’s head is about the worst possible way to react to danger: it won’t make a threat go away, but it will make it awfully difficult to respond effectively. Ostriches are not that stupid. (They apparently do sometimes …


US climate emissions down a whopping 7% in 2009

The arm of the US Dept of Energy that tracks GHG emissions has come out with final numbers for 2009 emissions.  Turns out that last year saw the largest absolute and percentage drop in US CO2 emissions since we began tracking the numbers decades ago.  The EIA’s report is here.  Here’s a key graph illustrating the decrease: One …