William Brennan

William Brennan, Bob Woodward, and the Ethical Duties of a Justice

Washington Post editor/reporter Bob Woodward is in a good amount of hot water, and deservedly so, for publicly insinuating that White House economic advisory Gene Sperling threatened him in a recent e-mail exchange.  As it turns out, when the exchange was revealed, Sperling was merely saying — in a very friendly way — that Woodward …


Justice Brennan was not an Irishman

If you have access to The New Republic’s premium content online, or have a chance to buy the dead-tree version this week, make sure to do so.  Justin Driver has written an outstanding essay on Justice William Brennan.  It’s styled as a (positive) review of Seth Stern and Stephen Wermiel’s new full-length biography of Brennan (pictured …