Secretary Clinton makes her first environmental law mistake

As Cymie notes, Secretary of State Clinton seems committed to working for a new climate agreement.  And that’s a good thing (although as I have argued elsewhere, it’s really USTR that should take the lead on climate change negotiation.). But Clinton should stop digging a hole for herself.  She said that the Committee will be …


Does Anybody Know Who the Commerce Secretary Is?

Does anybody really care? Really. Its budget of between 6 and 7 billion dollars is by far the smallest of any Cabinet Department. That kind of money would be a rounding error for the Pentagon or HHS; hell, the Pentagon lost that much money in transit between Washington and Baghdad. And what really does it …


Hitting the right notes on science

The environmental science community is welcoming the new Obama administration with open arms.   That’s no surprise, of course — there was never any love lost between environmental scientists and the George W. Bush administration. But for the science community this transition is more than the departure of an enemy.   So far, the new president is …


Audacious Energy Policy

In his inaugural address, this morning, it took President Obama a mere 228 words to mention the word “energy”. This is instructive when compared to George W. Bush’s second inaugural address in which he waited until – well, um…, he never used the word “energy”. But, to be fair, neither did Jimmy Carter, who took …