Van Jones to CEQ

van_jones1Another potentially great Obama appointment today to CEQ — a White House entity that might as well stand for Climate and Energy Questions these days.  This from Greenwire:

Jones, 40, will work within the Council on Environmental Quality, which coordinates President Obama’s climate, energy and other environmental policy initiatives with federal agencies.

“Van Jones has been a strong voice for green jobs, and we look forward to having him work with departments and agencies to advance the president’s agenda of creating 21st century jobs that improve energy efficiency and utilize renewable resources,” CEQ Chairwoman Nancy Sutley said in a written statement last night.

Jones will undoubtedly be tasked with helping Obama push his message that good climate policy doesn’t have to come at the price of economic growth.  It will also be helpful to have someone in the administration whose primary focus will be avoiding some of the most potentially regressive effects of pricing carbon.  More on his work:

Jones, a Yale Law School graduate and veteran human rights and environmental activist, participated last month in the first meeting of the White House Task Force on Middle-Class Working Families. The panel, convened by Vice President Joe Biden, focused on how the public sector can create “green-collar” jobs such as installing solar panels and retrofitting inefficient buildings (E&ENews PM, Feb. 27).

Any potential clouds?  Only one I can see is that Jones may be another big personality in a room getting pretty crowded with them…

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