Another one bites the dust (RIP Cannon nomination)

Ann touted the nomination of Jon Cannon to be EPA Deputy Administrator here as “a great appointment,” but last week he became the most recent Obama nominee to fall.  Here’s the WSJ coverage.  His withdrawal is being met with real sadness in many quarters.  At a conference of public and private bar environmental lawyers in Los Angeles on Friday, Cecilia Estolano, CEO of the LA Community Redevelopment Agency and someone who had worked with Cannon as part of Obama’s transition team, said that Cannon had “played a very significant role” in on that team in figuring out EPA priorities and strategies, and that he “would have made a phenomenal addition” to the agency.  Tim Geithner’s been set up as a fall guy for many things lately, but is this one more loss we can blame on him, for helping oversensitize the nomination process?

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  1. Really sad and bad outcome. Am I crazy or is Obama losing a disproportionate number of appointees over seemingly insignificant transgressions?

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