Climate bill is out of committee (thanks in part to speed reader?)

Yesterday evening, by a 33-25 vote, the House Energy and Commerce Committee passed the Waxman-Markey climate and energy bill (full text here – all 946 pages of it). This quick analysis by Kate Sheppard at is useful.  This New York Times article discusses the opposition to the bill from the agricultural sector, and the likely difficulties that the legislation will face in the House Agricultural Committee.  (Opposition by some environmentalist groups was previously covered in depth here in a post by Cara, and in this post by Jonathan, and here, in another article posted at  

In lighter, or at least stranger, related news: Rep. Waxman, faced with the possibility that Senate Republicans would use a procedural stalling tactic to force the entire 946-page bill to be read aloud in the Senate, engaged a speed reader. Talking Points Memo discusses this, and has posted a rather light-hearted video of portions of yesterday’s hearing that includes the speed reader’s work.

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