The China Syndrome

After her trip to China, Speaker Pelosi was upbeat about the Chinese attitude toward climate change, YahooGreen reports:

US House Speaker Nancy Pelosi on Tuesday expressed high hopes of cooperation between the United State and China, the two biggest emitters of greenhouse gases, ahead of key climate change talks.

“We did see that the Chinese government knows that they have to do something,” Pelosi told a news conference on the heels of a weeklong trip to China with other lawmakers devoted to energy and climate change.

How much will China be willing to agree to in Copenhagen?

At one time, it seemed that China had little to fear from climate change, leading observers like Cass Sunstein to question the prospects for Chinese cooperation.  The recent science points in the opposite direction, and I have heard several reports that the Chinese leadership is aware of the potential risks the country faces.  But I have heard quite varying views from well-placed people about whether China is willing to negotiate seriously.  Time will tell, I suppose.


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