Climate Report from Copenhagen

Climate Impacts

The University of Copenhagen has issued a synthesis report on Climate Change: Global Risks, Challenges and Decisions.  A good summary can be found here.  The authors include such luminaries as Sir Nicholas Stern (author of the Stern Report) and Dan Kammen (from Berkeley’s Energy and Resources Group).  The bottom line: “further inaction is inexcusable.”

Future generations will ask about us: What did we know?  And when did we know it?

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  1. Dear Dan,
    You must admit that there are serious and valid scientific disputes regarding climate change, as illustrated in the responses to your open letter to “deniers.” Further “inaction” seems preferable and appropriate.

    Merely posting links to various reports is not sufficient to persuade reasonable people. I recommend that you respond directly to the comments and questions regarding the validity of computer models, natural cycles, water vapor, discrepancies in surface temperature measurements, recent cooling trends, etc. Perhaps we can agree that the science is not yet settled.

    Legislation is premature and “inaction” is preferable because the risk of mistakes is too great, and flagrant waste of taxpayer’s money is unacceptable, especially in a slow economy. Hopefully, our elected officials will exercise good judgement and postpone cap & trade legislation until we have a better understanding of these unresolved issues.

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