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There’s a lot of interesting stuff out there.  Not as interesting as Legal Planet, maybe, but let’s give credit where credit is due.  Here’s some of the latest:

What Happened to Acid Rain? How we (partially) solved a major environmental problem.

China is Taking over the Solar Energy Market. Apparently somebody thinks there’s money in renewables.

UC Campuses Go Green. Three UC Campuses, including UCLA and Berkeley, are leading the charge for more sustainable universities.  Too bad they’re not so good at paying the salaries of their faculty and staff.

Pawlenty Repositions.  Now that he’s running for the GOP Presidential nomination, Pawlenty’s previous enthusiasm for climate mitigation is “evolving” in the direction of the GOP base.  I wish he’d taken environmental law from me rather than Contracts.

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  1. Dan said;

    “…Pawlenty’s previous enthusiasm for climate mitigation is “evolving” in the direction of the GOP base. I wish he’d taken environmental law from me rather than Contracts…”

    Dear Dan,
    I suspect that Palenty lost his previous enthusiasm for climate mitigation after becoming educated in the underlying science.

    Climate mitigation is strongly supported within the field of environmental law because it offers new economic opportunities for Attorneys.

    Anyone who is seriously interested in understanding the complex issue of climate change should begin by studying science, not environmental law.

  2. Jim Coody PE:
    You can “suspect” that if you want, but there’s not an iota of evidence to support the idea that “science” is why he changed his position. He’s on record as saying that although he shares the goal of reducing carbon emissions, he believes that the current bill isn’t the way to do it. (For example: ) While he cites alleged negative economic impacts from the bill, virtually all observers seem to believe that his significant change from positions he espoused just months ago relates to politics, not to any fundamental change in his beliefs. (Here’s a Novak column from early 2008 laying out his political vulnerability on the issue – apparently Pawlenty has taken Novak’s advice!: )

  3. Any good sources on acid rain and the Clean Air Act? Interested in how many plants have installed pollution control equipment, actual reductions in SOX and NOX, future reductions under current law, differences in standards between east and west. Basic arm chair reading for those relaxed evenings at home.

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