UCLA environmental law journal publishes new work on personal norms and carbon emissions, and on other interesting topics

Following in Dan’s footsteps as promoters of our respective schools’ excellent environmental law journals, I’m proud to announce that the UCLA Journal of Environmental Law and Policy Volume 27, #1 was published this summer.

This journal issue features several interesting pieces.  They include a thought-provoking Comment by second-year UCLA law student Jed Ela, Law and Norms in Collective Action: Maximizing Social Influence to Minimize Carbon Emissions, as well as the following Articles:

Strength in Numbers: Setting Quantitative Criteria for Listing Species Under the Endangered Species ActKalyani Robbins

Organophosphates, Friend and Foe: The Promise of Medical Monitoring for Farm Workers and Their Families, Adriane J. Busby and Gabriel Eckstein

Captain Planet Takes on Hazard Transfer: Combining the Forces of Market, Legal and Ethical Decisionmaking to Reduce Toxic Exports, Andrea Giampetro-Meyer

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