…in which I turn into a left-wing subversive

Glenn Beck has acquired his first (although surely not-to-be-last) scalp from the Obama Administration” CEQ Green jobs Coordinator Van Jones (whose appointment LegalPlanet noted in March) resigned his position Saturday night.  I went to law school with Van, and while I am not a fan, I thought that letting him go would be an unwarranted capitulation to the wingnuts.  So much for my influence.

But I decided to protest in my own way.

I went to my local Border’s, found all of Glenn Beck’s books in the “current affairs” section, and very gently, taking care not to damage them in any way, placed them — properly alphabetized — in the fiction section.

In my humble opinion, this probably deserves some kind of award from the Federal Trade Commission, but I’m not holding my breath.