…in which I turn into a left-wing subversive

Glenn Beck has acquired his first (although surely not-to-be-last) scalp from the Obama Administration” CEQ Green jobs Coordinator Van Jones (whose appointment LegalPlanet noted in March) resigned his position Saturday night.  I went to law school with Van, and while I am not a fan, I thought that letting him go would be an unwarranted capitulation to the wingnuts.  So much for my influence.

But I decided to protest in my own way.

I went to my local Border’s, found all of Glenn Beck’s books in the “current affairs” section, and very gently, taking care not to damage them in any way, placed them — properly alphabetized — in the fiction section.

In my humble opinion, this probably deserves some kind of award from the Federal Trade Commission, but I’m not holding my breath.

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  1. I was watching Glenn Beck (for some reason) when, while claiming he would never say this himself and was only expressing the feelings of his viewers, he asked Muslim Congressman Keith Ellison to “prove to me you are not working with our enemies.” As far as I can tell, this catapulted his career.

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