Sandra Day O’Connor: The Most Gullible Jurist in America

So now we hear from Sandra Day O’Connor that she is “disappointed” that the Roberts Court has “dismantled” several of her rulings:

Asked how she felt about the fact that the current court had undone some of her rulings, the nation’s first woman justice responded, “What would you feel? I’d be a little bit disappointed. If you think you’ve been helpful, and then it’s dismantled, you think, ‘Oh, dear.’ But life goes on. It’s not always positive.”

To which one is entitled to ask: what in the world did she expect?  She retired in 2005, after the Bush Administration had run roughshod over a series of precedents, insisted on unaccountable executive power, ignored rulings it didn’t like, and — most directly on point — appointed a series of hard right-wing, movement conservative judges, many of whom had fiercely attacked her rulings.  Now, she is shocked, shocked, that they are doing these things.

I don’t know what is sadder: that she can be so gullible as to be surprised by this, or that she was effectively running the Court for more than a decade.