Googling Climate Change

I was curious about what information people would find if they were curious about climate change and took the easiest route by googling the phrase “climage change.”  It’s a mixed story.  The first listing on the page (presumably sponsored) is a Chevron site.  Right below that are “related searches” for climate change emails climate change hoax climate change skeptics .  When I did the same search with Yahoo, the second entry, right after Chevron, was

After the first couple of entries however, on both search enginees comes a respectable set of sites, such as the U.S. EPA site, World Wildlife Federation, wikipedia, IPCC, and the N.Y. Times site. Since wikipedia sites can sometimes be battlefields, I took a look to see what wiki says about climate change.  The wiki entry was barebones and seemed to avoid taking much of a position.  Interestingly, the entry for “global warming” was much more detailed and informative.

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  1. “Interestingly, the entry for “global warming” was much more detailed and informative.”

    Why is that interesting? There is nothing interesting about Climate Change. The climate has always changed, and always will, end of story. Global Warming and the debate over it being anthropogenic or not is a lot more interesting.

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