Googling Climate Change

I was curious about what information people would find if they were curious about climate change and took the easiest route by googling the phrase “climage change.”  It’s a mixed story.  The first listing on the page (presumably sponsored) is a Chevron site.  Right below that are “related searches” for climate change emails climate change hoax climate change skeptics .  When I did the same search with Yahoo, the second entry, right after Chevron, was

After the first couple of entries however, on both search enginees comes a respectable set of sites, such as the U.S. EPA site, World Wildlife Federation, wikipedia, IPCC, and the N.Y. Times site. Since wikipedia sites can sometimes be battlefields, I took a look to see what wiki says about climate change.  The wiki entry was barebones and seemed to avoid taking much of a position.  Interestingly, the entry for “global warming” was much more detailed and informative.

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