Big Headline News: Los Angeles Resident Voluntarily Takes the Bus

You can read all about the fact that a 26 year old white girl in Los Angeles actually chooses to ride the busĀ  here.

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  1. Such bravery.

    1L year, I suggested some bus routes to a classmate who was frustrated with his commute to UCLA from Hollywood. He acted like I had racially slurred him. “Ride the bus?” he said. “You might as well tell me to drop out of school.”

  2. It’s also fitting that the bus she rides is the 720, designed with expensive custom-made nose cones designed to make it look like a train in the hopes of getting white people to ride it.

  3. Overheard between groans while my girlfriend was reading this article:

    “This is the L.A.–actual–Times?”

    “Is this real?”

    “Are they joking?”

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