New York Times Expands Its Green Blog

The New York Times announced yesterday that it’s changing the name of its environmental blog and expanding its coverage. The name change is small but symbolic:  from Green, Inc. to Green.  The reason for the change is that coverage is expanding. As the Times explains, Green is:

broadening our lens to include not just the business end of environmental concerns but also politics and policy, environmental science and consumer choices — all of the many areas where people and planet meet.

At at time when the news on climate is somewhat grim — Congress backing off of comprehensive climate legislation, public distrust of science and the science of climate change at high levels, attacks on California’s landmark climate legislation — I appreciate this small step by the most influential newspaper in the country.  Thoughtful and sustained coverage of environmental issues is key to keeping those issues on the front burner, or at least in the public eye.


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  1. Why did Obama pick Earth Day–indeed, the 40th anniversary of Earth Day–to deliver a major speech on finance reform?

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