Helpful Resources for Environmental Law Research

Berkeley’s law librarians have put together some great links and resources for environmental law research. Despite budget cuts, they still do amazing work. Here are some of the main resources.

Basic Environmental Law Resources: Boalt Research GuideHelps you find print and electronic sources available at law school and university libraries for researching environmental law and related scientific or technical information — includes many web resources.

Introduction to Planning & Environmental Law & Land Use Controls Basic land use and environmental law print and online resources.

Disasters & the Law This  database collects disaster related materials from fields as diverse as urban planning, bankruptcy law, and wetlands banking. The database contains links to information gathered from a variety of sources. Most are freely available on the web, although a small number require subscription access.

EPA Rulemaking Gateway The Environmental Protection Agency’s Rulemaking Gateway “complements, the federal government’s main portal for tracking rules from all federal agencies, by providing brief overviews of specific EPA rules and additional ways to search rules based on the phases they are in (e.g., pre-proposal, proposal), the topics they relate to (e.g., air, water), and the impacts they might have (e.g., impacts on small businesses or environmental justice).”—EPA News Release, February 18, 2010.

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  1. Pardon me if this post is off-topic. By this time next week, it is possible that the EPA will begin shutting down, and it is not too soon to ponder the possible consequences. A shut down of the EPA would allow our society to experience and consider how circumstances would be different without this environmetal reglatory agency. Would we actually suffer ? Would this contribute to premature deaths and adverse public health effects? Would sea levels begin to rise? Would there be protests and celebrations?

    Hopefully, we will begin to learn the answers to these and other questions. Shutting down the EPA should be an interesting process to witness as events unfold (we are fortunate to live in interesting times).

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