The Official Produce of Legal Planet


The Cara Cara Orange

Wandering in my local supermarket the other day, I came across a special for “Local Organic Cara Cara Oranges.”  No misprint: two Caras are required.  Hmmm… local, organic, and Cara.  That’s it!  They named it after my co-blogger.  Obviously, it should have some official status.

Note that I am making an admission against interest here, since the most obvious competitor is the local organic Jonathan apple.  Its Wikipedia entry is particularly appropos.  The Jonathan, it says, has “a strong touch of acid with a tough and smooth skin.”  I’ll take it.  Other medalists include “Deck the halls with boughs of Holly” Doremus.  Could work, but it’s not really produce, and I’m sure she’s heard that joke one too many times.

Any other nominees?

I know, I know: back to work…