Roger Cohen Has a Lazy Day

I suppose that it’s tough writing two 750-word columns each week; that’s why the NYT’s Roger Cohen decided to rehash his hatchet job on organic foods in today’s paper. In a previous column, Cohen ridiculed fans of organic food, pointing to a Stanford study finding that organic foods were no healthier for human beings than …


The Official Produce of Legal Planet

  Wandering in my local supermarket the other day, I came across a special for “Local Organic Cara Cara Oranges.”  No misprint: two Caras are required.  Hmmm… local, organic, and Cara.  That’s it!  They named it after my co-blogger.  Obviously, it should have some official status. Note that I am making an admission against interest …


Organic wine is more desirable to consumers, but only if they don’t know it’s organic

Interesting new research shows that organically-produced wines are generally ranked higher in quality and command a higher price than non-organic wines.  But the researchers also found that most organic wines aren’t actually labeled as “organic,” and that those wines with such a label command lower prices than comparable non-organic wines.  The study by UCLA Institute …