Western Flood Risk

Time magazine reports:

First came the Mississippi. Then the Missouri. Now the nation’s West waits as the mountain snowpack perches at 300% more than average and flood watches blanket the region.

With minor flooding already hampering life in Montana, Wyoming and Utah, a sudden spike of warm temperature will send even more melting snow rushing into already filling rivers throughout the Rockies, Cascades and Sierras.

The big question is whether we get a temperature spike at high altitudes that would cause a large, sudden melt.

In the meantime, government agencies are hard at work with flood preparations — hopefully, they’ll get that done before the U.S. defaults on its debts and the government shuts down.  In terms of flood control, there’s a certain irony to Grover Norquist’s famous goal of shrinking the government to the point where it can be drowned in the bathtub.  Hopefully, he doesn’t live near any large bodies of water.

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