Energy Scholarship Symposium in the Journal of Economic Perspectives

As I argued about three months ago, the Journal of Economic Perspectives ought to be on the regular reading for anyone interested in environmental law and policy.  The most recent quarter’s issue shows why: it features a fascinating symposium on “Energy Challenges”.  Not all of the articles will be music to environmentalists’ ears: for example, the Allcott and Greenstone piece, which I am currently working through, suggests that attempts to increase energy efficiency will yield far less useable energy than many clearly believe. 

But of course that’s the whole point of reading in quality journals like JEP: find out what is true, rather than what reinforces our presuppositions.  All the pieces are well worth reading.  Check it out.

Symposium: Energy Challenges

Is There an Energy Efficiency Gap? (pp. 3-28)Hunt Allcott and Michael Greenstone


Creating a Smarter U.S. Electricity Grid (pp. 29-48)
Paul L. Joskow


Prospects for Nuclear Power (pp. 49-66)
Lucas W. Davis


The Private and Public Economics of Renewable Electricity Generation (pp. 67-92)
Severin Borenstein


Reducing Petroleum Consumption from Transportation (pp. 93-118)
Christopher R. Knittel


How Will Energy Demand Develop in the Developing World? (pp. 119-38)
Catherine Wolfram, Orie Shelef and Paul Gertler


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