Finally: An Environmentally Conscious Environmental Organization

Give so much as a dime to any environmental organization, and you are on their mailing list for life.  And that’s just the start: you’re on the mailing list of every other organization they share lists with.  The mail starts to pile up fast, as does the annoyance at going through it.

Notice something? All that paper undermines their claim to environmental sensitivity. Yes, I know: it’s all recycled.  Or Forest Stewardship Council-certified.  Great.  But it’s still paper; its production still consumes resources.

Finally, the World Wildlife Fund seems to have woken up, and sent out this plea with its latest resource-consuming mailer:


As a monthly member we will not send you paper mail — as long as you are an active WWF monthly donor or as required by law.

At last!

WWF has long been the most conservative of all environmental organizations, in the sense that they have been reluctant to take on the most controversial issues.  That is changing, particularly on the crucial of forest certification, about which I blogged a few months ago.

But on this, they are really cutting-edge.  I haven’t seen this before and I’m on the mailing list of a lot of organizations. So congratulations to them!  I signed up for a “paperless membership,” and you can as well.  Right here.  It’s worth it.

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