World Wildlife Fund

Finally: An Environmentally Conscious Environmental Organization

Give so much as a dime to any environmental organization, and you are on their mailing list for life.  And that’s just the start: you’re on the mailing list of every other organization they share lists with.  The mail starts to pile up fast, as does the annoyance at going through it. Notice something? All …


More Forest Greenwashing: Asia Pulp & Paper and Fake Certifications

In the firmament of environmental organizations, the World Wildlife Fund is about as centrist and mainstream as you are going to get.  For many years, it was associated with the sorts of Republicans that Dan highlights in his post below: those who took the “conserve” part of conservative seriously. That’s why the report it issued …


Climate adaptation developments

With hopes for rapid global or domestic reductions in greenhouse gas emissions fading, the importance of adaptation becomes ever more apparent. Those responsible for protecting public health, maintaining infrastructure, and managing water and wildlife understand that they are facing enormous challenges. Policymakers, resource managers, stakeholders, and the scientific community are all beginning to respond. Here …