“I Will Fight for Oil, Coal, and Natural Gas”

That’s what Mitt Romney said tonight.  Yes, this is the same man who also said, just a month ago, that he believes that humans are contributing to climate change.  But his heart belongs to fossil fuels. According to Mr. Romney, maximal use of fossil fuels is also the key to economic recovery. Romney even seems more attached to fossil fuels than to tax cuts, which he’s hedging about.

George Bush was a Texan, with ties to the oil industry, so his views didn’t seem so incongruous.  Romney’s passion on the subject makes it clear just how central “drill, baby, drill” has now become to his party’s platform.  The price for this fossil fuel obsession — in the form of heat waves, droughts, wildfires, and floods — will be paid by future generations.  Unfortunately, they don’t vote.

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