New Symposium on Disaster Law

The Duke Environmental Law and Policy Forum has just published a great symposium on disaster law.  The authors include some leading lights in environmental law, and for good reason, since disaster issues and environmental law are closely related.  Here are links to all of the individual articles:


Introduction: Legal Scholarship, the Disaster Cycle, and the Fukushima Accident

Daniel A. Farber 1
Disaster Justice: The Geography of Human Capability

Robert R.M. Verchick 23
Disaster Mythology and Availability Cascades

Lisa Grow Sun 73
The End Game of Deregulation: Myopic Risk Management and The Next Catastrophe

Thomas O. McGarity & Rena I. Steinzor 93
United States Flood Control Policy: The Incomplete Transition From the Illusion of Total Protection to Risk Management

A. Dan Tarlock 151
Insurance Against Catastrophe: Government Stimulation of Insurance Markets for Catastrophic Events

Véronique Bruggeman, Michael Faure &
Tobias Heldt

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