catastrophic risks

New Symposium on Disaster Law

The Duke Environmental Law and Policy Forum has just published a great symposium on disaster law.  The authors include some leading lights in environmental law, and for good reason, since disaster issues and environmental law are closely related.  Here are links to all of the individual articles: Articles Introduction: Legal Scholarship, the Disaster Cycle, and …



During the Fukushima nuclear crisis, government officials and industry representatives said that the tsunami that struck the reactors was “beyond our imagination,” thus excusing the failure to consider such a risk in the planning process. As it turns out, there had been warnings about this possibility, but the risks were ignored. The reactor was situated …


Japan Nuclear Crisis — Another Worry

As at many plants in the U.S. and around the world, the Japanese plants have on-site storage for spent fuel rods.  The reason is that no one has come up with a working permanent storage solution.  These spent fuel rods are now beginning to pose a serious risk at the Japanese plants, according to the …


Japan Nuclear Crisis Update

The situation continues to be very dangerous. How bad are things? From the NY Times: The risk of a meltdown spread to a third reactor at a stricken nuclear power plant in Japan on Monday as its cooling systems failed, exposing its fuel rods, only hours after a second explosion at a separate reactor blew …