America’s Future on the California Supreme Court

I’m not sure that anyone has pointed this out before: as of last week, when Justices Mariano-Florentino Cuellar and Leondra R. Krueger were sworn, the California Supreme Court does not have a single white male. I believe that that is the first time in US history where that has happened on a high court in any of the 50 states, including Hawai’i (and obviously for the US Supreme Court as well). That is the demographic direction in which the nation is headed. And lots of people are angry about it.


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  1. We are very thankful that this has only happened on California’s Supreme Court and not anywhere else in America. The citizens of California seem to need more sensitivity, compassion, freedom, support, love, tenderness, objectivity, tolerance and feelings.

    Not a single straight white male, imagine that!!! Hide the children.

  2. I don’t worry that a state appellate court (can’t bring myself to use the term “high court”) lacks a white male member. I do worry about the values of the members of that court, and of the U.S. Supreme Court [sic], and of the judges on other appellate and trial courts, wherever they may be.

    Having done battle in many state and federal courts for a number of years, what worries me is not the gender, or the color, or the race, or the religion, or the sexual preference, of judges. What worries me is the widespread lack of understanding of, and appreciation for, the rights and liberties of individuals, shared by so many judges, at all levels. Too many judges are merely tools of the state, doing what they can to make the machinery of government run more smoothly, even if that machinery is grinding up innocent citizens and non-citizens alike.

    It is not surprising, though. To pass through the filters necessary to become a judge, it appears that a person must sacrifice their intellectual integrity and their moral values. I don’t see a solution to this problem, until people come to realize they can’t count on courts to protect rights or to accomplish justice. Then we can simply tell the judges they don’t matter any more.

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