A Link Between Climate Denial and Autism? Inquiring Minds Want to Know!

You too can be a denialism/autism truther.

Let’s start by being candid and admitting that the jury is still out on this one.  Still, there are reasons for concern about the possibility that climate denial can be associated with autism.Anyone who says this is false is just being dogmatic.  We should at least openly acknowledge the existence of scientific uncertainty.

Just consider the mounting body of evidence:

1.  To begin with, there isn’t a single peer-reviewed study definitively disproving the existence of a link.  Not one!

2.  Climate deniers  tend to repeat exactly the same statements over and over again, despite being shown the real evidence, and even when it’s off-topic. Just like Rainman!

3.  Climate deniers have trouble understanding other people’s motives, like those of the hardworking scientists they suspect of perpetrating a vast hoax. Same as autistic people on TV dramas!

4.  My cousin had a friend who knew a climate denier who seemed a bit autistic to the friend, who knows a lot about autism from a cable show.

Obviously, it would be premature to say that this evidence actually proves the existence of a link. More research is needed, maybe by people who actually know something about autism. In the meantime, however, news coverage of the issue needs to present both sides of the debate.  In order to properly educate our children, the schools should at least “teach the debate” over the autism/denialism link.  I’m only asking for fair and balanced public discussion of the issue.

Maybe you think this isn’t a serious issue.  But look at all the people who are willing to expose their kids to illness because they think, based on even less evidence, that vaccinations might cause autism.  I say, let’s give equal time to the growing debate about autism and climate denial!!

Oh, and did I mention that I’m available for network interviews to provide balance whenever climate deniers are interviewed?  It’s only fair to present both sides, after all.

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