Conference On California’s Greenhouse Gas Reduction Plans for “2030 and Beyond”

California State Bar Environmental Law Section will hold daylong event on April 16th in Downtown Oakland

The California State Bar Environmental Law Section is holding a conference on April 16th entitled “2030 and Beyond: The Next Phase of Greenhouse Gas Reduction in California.” The event is co-sponsored by Berkeley Law’s Center for Law, Energy and the Environment (CLEE).

As Legal Planet readers know, AB 32’s 2020 due date is soon approaching for greenhouse gas reductions, and the legislature is now debating bills to legislate goals for 2030 and beyond.  Meanwhile, Governor Brown has already called for major new greenhouse gas initiatives for 2030, including a 50% renewable portfolio standard, 50% reduction in petroleum usage, and a doubling of the efficiency of today’s buildings.

The “2030 and Beyond” conference will feature high-level representatives from the Brown Administration discussing these 2030 goals, including:

  • Ken Alex, Senior Advisor to the Governor and Director of the Governor’s Office of Planning and Research
  • Andrew McAllister, Commissioner at the California Energy Commission
  • Michael Picker, President of the California Public Utilities Commission
  • Matt Rodriquez, Secretary of the California Environmental Protection Agency

Panel topics will focus on improving energy efficiency in existing buildings, decarbonizing our electricity system, and electrifying transportation. You can register on-line here and download the full agenda here [PDF]. The event will take place at the State Building in Downtown Oakland, conveniently located near BART. Law student rates are available by emailing Julie Martinez at the State Bar at [email protected]

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2 Replies to “Conference On California’s Greenhouse Gas Reduction Plans for “2030 and Beyond””

  1. Ethan said;
    “….The “2030 and Beyond” conference will feature high-level representatives from the Brown Administration….”

    Dear Ethan,
    Given current scientific advances and societal trends, global warming will probably be long since forgotten by the time 2030 rolls around. There is nothing that the California Environmental Bar and another silly conference can do to reverse this trend. Hopefully the next President and Congress will curb wasteful government spending on the global warming gravy train. Cutting government spending would do more to solve the climate problem than the fraudulent AB 32 and other such scams.

    The “2030 and Beyond” conference may attract a few lonely individuals stricken with delusions of impending doom, don’t expect anything meaningful. This imbecilic conference will likely yield a net increase in carbon dioxide emissions.

  2. Gallup: Environmental Worries Losing Steam:

    “…….As the EPA keeps pushing forward with more and more regulatory interventions, such as the Clean Power Plan and their attempt to claim jurisdiction over intrastate emissions, Americans worry less and less about environmental issues. Gallup’s latest poll shows a slide in concern across the board from a year ago, and nearly a collapse over the last 15 years. Not surprisingly, global warming comes in last among those concerns even for Democrats inclined to support environmentalism:…….”

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